Although we had solved the case last fall, authorities are still puzzled as to who the mysterious jetpacker is that has reappeared this week over Los Angeles. The suspect, Franky Zapata, a French supervillain and one man invasion force, has been quiet for the past few months. However, he returned Wednesday evening to baffle the FBI as well as air traffic controllers.AdvertisementAccording to the Los Angeles Times, a Boeing 747 pilot called in a potential jetpack man near LAX at just after 6 p.m. on a few days ago. According to an FAA spokesperson the jetpack man was seen at 5,000 feet elevation 15 miles east from LAX. This led to alerts that read: Be careful, the jetpack man is back!The FBI and FAA have gone back to their previous tricks last year and are now wasting taxpayer money on a futile investigation that could have been solved by simply picking up the phone and calling France. Others are hesitant to believe that they were still months away from engaging in bloody sky battles against the European nation. They speculate that the object that was spotted last week, last August, October, and December couldn't have been a plane. According to the article, it would have been difficult to maintain the altitudes reported on by pilots with a jetpack's fuel capacity. It is possible that the pilots mistakenly identified balloons or drones .This is a convincing argument, especially after you consider the possibility that LAs jetpackman is just a mannequin attached with a drone. However, we are still frustrated that the most probable hypothesis is not being considered. Let them think what they want. Let them think as they please. Take our advice and begin your French classes, everybody. It is obvious that the hoverboard supervillain will not face any real opposition when he leads his battle squad to the White House.[via Boing Boing]Email great job tips and internet tips to