Those Virus Sequences That Were Suddenly Deleted? They're Back

The earliest coronavirus data, which was missing for over a year, has been found.A scientist from the United States discovered in June that 200 genetic sequences taken from Covid-19 patients in China during the pandemic had mysteriously been deleted from an online database. Jesse Bloom, a viralologist at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, was able to locate 13 sequences using Google Cloud.Dr. Bloom posted his experiences online and wrote that it seemed likely that the sequences had been deleted to hide their existence.A strange explanation for this has been found, and it is due to an editorial oversight by a scientific magazine. The sequences were also uploaded to a separate database that is controlled by the Chinese government.In early 2020, researchers from Wuhan University discovered a new method to detect the deadly coronavirus that was sweeping the country. The researchers sequenced a small amount of genetic material taken from 34 virus samples at Wuhan's hospital.