Biden administration resumes fast-track deportation flights

The Biden administration continues to use Title 42, a public health order that was invoked by Donald Trump during the pandemic, to expel migrants and not allow them to seek asylum. Biden declined to use Title 42 in order to deport minors who crossed into the U.S.Title 42 was to be phased out by the administration this summer. This would include allowing asylum-seeking families from migrant families. The administration delayed lifting restrictions as the United States enters the next phase of the pandemic, and returns to mitigation measures like masks.Democratic lawmakers and advocates for immigration have asked the Biden administration not to use the Trump-era policy. They claim it is illegal, inhumane, and not justified by public safety. To prevent the spread of the virus, the groups suggest that migrants be tested for Covid before entering the United States.Advocates were furious Monday's White House announcement that it would speed up deportations of families that cannot be expelled under Title 42. Both Democratic and Republican administrations have used expedited removal to allow border officers to expel migrants without the need for a hearing before an immigration judge.This administration's decision comes after Republican lawmakers criticised the White Houses handling the border. Many blamed the Texas Covid surge for increased border crossings from Mexico.Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed this week an executive order to limit Texas border entry. The order directs the Department of Public Safety of Texas to stop any vehicle suspected of violating this law and reroute it.Abbott stated Wednesday that the dramatic increase in illegal border crossings has also resulted in a dramatic rise of COVID-19 cases among illegal migrants who have entered Texas. He said that we must do more work to protect Texans and lessen the burden on our communities.According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics, border apprehensions in the fiscal year exceeded 1 million in June. More than 188,000 people were arrested at the border in June, a 21-year record.