Gerard Butler sues for $10 million over Olympus Has Fallen profits

This week has been a big one for those who appeared in the Jay Leno video and are now suing Hollywood for their box-office performance. THR reports that Gerard Butler is suing Millennium Media for $10 Million over profit-sharing claims related to his 2013 film Olympus Has Fallen. This lawsuit comes after the huge Scarlett Johansson/Disney lawsuit. While the details of Butler's suit are quite different than the Black Widow argument however, it still retains that "Oh, hey, bandwagon" feel.AdvertisementSpecific: Butler filed a $10 million fraud case against Millennium, the long-running independent film studio that is best known for producing action movies. These films range from Sylvester Stallones late career output to next month Maggie Q vehicle The Proteg. Butler claims that he has never received any of Olympus' net profits, despite the fact the film was a surprise success at the box office. It also beat Channing Tatums White House Down in terms of both the release schedule and the cash raised. Butler claims Millennium deliberately concealed the film's profits from him, despite it grossing roughly $170million on a budget of $70 million.At the moment, it is difficult to determine if Butlers lawsuit was filed too soon after Johansson took on The Big Mean Mouse. Or if there was an attempt to establish a zeitgeist. Butlers are not claiming that Millennium somehow fucked Olympus' box office performance. This is despite the fact that it was probably higher than anyone expected. We think he just wants to get paid for keeping Aaron Eckhart safe and secure from North Korean terrorists. It has been two years since we last thought about Olympus Have Fallen in any legal or other context. But, it is not clear why he has been ignoring this issue for 8 years. Before pursuing the matter in court.