GOP to Herschel Walker: Consider staying on the bench

Walker's possible candidacy is another example of Trump's influence on the GOP. Trump attempts to play kingmaker and win the Senate races that will decide whether Republicans can win the majority. Trump has already backed Rep. Ted Budd of North Carolina and Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama in open primaries. This is in direct contradiction to the Senate Republicans' endorsements.Trump's pleas for Walker to run in the Georgia race have not been met. Walker is reluctant, however, and this with good reason. Walker will likely be questioned about his financial and personal decisions if he decides to run. Although Walker has spoken out about his struggle with dissociative identity disorder and his past accusations to his ex-wife of having threatened to kill him, recent news reports including an extensive AP examination have revealed that Walker was open about it. His claims regarding his business success are also being scrutinized.John Thune, Senate Minority Whip (R-S.D. As John Thune (R-S.D.) put it, "He has the wow factor, celebrity factor. But some of these problems he'll have to solve."Candidates must be able answer difficult questions. Thune stated that your background can become a problem, as well as your experience. It's not always easy for people to have success in one aspect of their lives and then translate that into politics.Walker did not respond when asked for comment on this story. He did however tell Fox News Sean Hannity earlier this week that he would make his decision according to his own timetable. He dismissed recent news reports and said that little articles such as those aren't going to scare him.Thune stated that he has a close relationship with Walker, but had not yet discussed the Senate race. Trump's ally Sen. Lindsey Graham (R.S.C.) encouraged the former candidate to run again for the Senate seat. He described the reports as "bulls ---.".Graham stated that he represents Georgia better than Warnock. He is conservative with people's money, fiscally and socially responsible. He's been successful and he's had to struggle, but he is a real person.Senate Republicans hope to avoid another loss in Georgia earlier this year, when they suffered twin defeats that handed Democrats the majority. Former Sens. were the GOP incumbents. Both Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue and former Sens were in trouble over stock trades. Trump's false claims that he won the 2020 election, and Republicans dismissing bipartisan calls for more stimulus checks did little to ease the GOP's situation in this critical swing state.To regain the Senate in 2022, Republicans will need to gain one seat. They face a difficult map, which could result in losses elsewhere. Georgia is therefore extremely important.McConnell, who has close ties with several wealthy outside groups that influence Senate races earlier in the year, stated that he is focusing on candidates who are able to win, regardless if former presidents endorsement. It is not yet clear how much Trump will have on the midterm election, as his name won't be on it. Some Republicans see Trump's defeat in Texas in this week's House special election as evidence of his declining influence within the party.One Senate Republican said that Trump is not doing well. He spoke on condition of anonymity in order to speak candidly. He doesn't lack influence, however. McConnell believes that not everyone is God.The Senate GOP campaign arm has decided not to participate in open primaries. Rick Scott, the Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (R-Fla.), reiterated his support for Walker when he was asked about Walker.The Georgia Senate race currently has three GOP candidates: Gary Black (the state agriculture commissioner); Kelvin King (an Air Force veteran); and Latham Saddler (another military veteran who served in the Trump White House). Others could also jump in. Loeffler as well as Rep. Loeffler and Rep.Sen. Kevin Cramer (R.N.D.), stated that he would like to see Perdue, his former colleague, run for the Senate. Perdue declined to be considered but met with McConnell last Wednesday. Cramer didn't weigh in on Walker's candidacy, but stated that the potential candidate is already receiving an early taste of how difficult his Senate campaign would be.Cramer stated that it is obvious that you are starting to need to explain things that seem difficult, but not necessarily beneficial, on the surface. He is running against someone who has a voting record, and Sen. Warnock must explain this to voters.Although Walker doesn't seem to be in a hurry to make a decision, senators see that as a sign Walker is not ready to take the plunge. They warn him to be prepared for an attack if he decides to take on Warnock.It doesn't matter if it isn't your thing, if it isnt in your stomach, or if it isnt your heart, Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R.La.). Because I've been in this industry for a while. It takes a lot of heart, wind, and thick skin. He seems to have difficulty making a decision according to my observation.James Arkin contributed to the report.