Lionel Messi Shows Off Shredded Abs On Vacay With Wife And Luis Suarez

Lionel Messi is on vacation! He's enjoying his annual trip to Spain with his family, children, and best friend, Luis Suarez. Here it is!Messi and Suarez are obviously as close as they get... and the gang has been known for touring Spain on luxurious boats in the summer months of the past few years.2021 will be no different. Both families will bring their children along to enjoy some R&R... with Cesc Fbregas, their friend, joining them.Messi has plenty to celebrate: he just won Copa America with Argentina... his first win of his career! You can!Antonela Roccuzzo is Messi's wife. Sofia Balbi, Suarez's spouse, and Daniella Semaan are Fbregas' wives. They all appear to be enjoying the trip. You can read more!The men are just as impressive as we would expect. They are world-class athletes.