Bob Odenkirk confirms he had a heart attack

UPDATE: Bob Odenkirk posted an update on his condition. He wrote:It's Bob. It's Bob. We are grateful. To my friends and family who have been there for me this week. Thank you to everyone who showed concern and care. It's overwhelming. It's overwhelming, but I feel it. I had a slight heart attack. Rosa Estrada and the doctors that were able to remove the blockage without any surgery made it all okay. AMC and SONY's support throughout this was exceptional. It will take me a while to recover, but I'll be back soon.AdvertisementBob Odenkirk was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack. A representative issued a statement saying that Odenkirk is in stable condition. He also thanked fans for their support during his recovery. David Cross has confirmed that his friend is okay.Twitter account of the Arrested Development actor said, "Just got off the phone to Bob and he's doing great!" Joking, japing, and joshing. He and his family are overwhelmed by the outpouring love and concern shown. He will be back soon. He's doing great! He is doing great!Cross had tweeted support for his friend's recovery before. Cross wrote on Wednesday, "I will share what knowledge I have when I can, but Bob is one the strongest people that I know, both spiritually and physically." On Tuesday evening, Cross tweeted that he would get through it.Fans took to social media to send Odenkirk a quick recovery. They referred to his sketch from I Think You Should Leaves season 2 as a way to maintain an optimistic outlook. Hes gonna get better.According to TMZ, Odenkirk collapsed while filming in Albuquerque (New Mexico), as reported by the publication. According to the publication Odenkirk was immediately surrounded and called an ambulance. It is not clear if he was conscious when he was taken into the hospital.Odenkirk is currently filming Season 6 of Better Call Saul. This critically-acclaimed Breaking Bad spinoff focuses on Odenkirk's titular character. Odenkirk is currently recovering from surgery. It's not known if Odenkirk will still be in the hospital.