US Olympic Fencers Wore Pink Masks To Protest Against Their Teammate Accused Of Sexual Assault

Three of the three fencers from the US Olympic men's team were wearing pink masks upon arriving in Tokyo on Friday for their first match against Japan.However, the masks were not a coincidence. They were planned protest by the trio against an accused teammate of sexual assault, BuzzFeed News sources said.Three of the men's team athletes, Jake Hoyle and Curtis McDowald, were photographed wearing pink masks while Yeisser Ramirez, Alen Hadzic, was wearing a black mask.BuzzFeed News was told by a source that "the disdain was obvious".Another fencing competitor, who is not participating in the Tokyo Olympics, stated that "they decided to make it clear that they weren't standing for him being there." They wanted to be clear that they were not standing for the sexual assault and abuse of women. These athletes wanted to be heard where US Fencing or SafeSport were failing.