'Unicorn Hunters' Show Starring Steve Wozniak and Lance Bass Seeks TV Distribution

Variety reports that "Unicorn hunters", a YouTube and Facebook show with Steve Wozniak, Apple's cofounder, and Lance Bass, as judges, is looking to move to television.This show seeks to identify "unicorn" businesses, which are startups that can reach $1 billion in valuation. The show's judges are a panel of investors known as the "Circle of Money", which is similar to "Shark Tank". Circle of Money members include Steve Wozniak and Lance Bass, Moe Vela Silvina Mochini, Alex Konanykhin. Scott Livingston and Rosa Rios.Unicorn refers to startups with a valuation exceeding one billion dollars. You could make huge returns if you invest early in a startup. Unicorn Hunters is a platform that allows you to listen to the pitches from companies who are likely to be Unicorns. Unicorn Hunters allows you to "discover" private startups simultaneously with our Panel of Experts. This gives you an equal chance of investing in these promising companies before they become big.The Circle of Money may choose to invest in a show. However, there is also a crowd-funding component. Audience members can opt in as "hunters" and invest in private startups alongside the experts.The first season of "Unicorn Hunters", starring Steve Wozniak, was filmed earlier in the year. It debuted online. However, the producers and stars of the show want to make the transition from television to online and are looking for distribution internationally.At the moment, there is not information on what television companies might be interested. Far UV Technologies, Forte, Introimmune Therapeutics and Carbon Connect are some of the companies featured on the show. You can watch the Unicorn Hunters' first episodes online.