TikToker's Slain GF Excited for Their First Date Before Fatal Shooting in Movie Theater

The father of the fatally shot 18-year-old girl is speaking out about his excitement at her first date with a TikTok Star... which ended in tragic shooting while they were watching the new movie 'Purge.David Goodrich, Rylee's father, stated that Rylee curled her hair beautifully and that their night out with TikTok influencer Anthony Barajas would be their first date together without any friends. David stated that his daughter was "so happy", and that he could tell she liked the boy and that he liked her.Daily Mail was told by David that the couple, a teen couple, had a meal at their favorite BBQ place before going to the cinema to see "The Forever Purge," a horror film about a teenage girl.Rylee's father claimed that she met Anthony over Fourth of July weekend. He admits to initially rolling his eyes at Anthony when he discovered he was a TikToker with almost a million followers, but he soon got to know the kid better after he returned from Hawaii with souvenirs.Rylee was shot in her back as she sat in the theatre with Anthony. Anthony was also shot through the eye. Rylee was immediately killed. He is now on life support.David stated that Rylee had texted her mom just before shooting began, stating that the movie was dull and stupid. That was all they heard from her.