Michael Che Shares Simone Biles Jokes, Gets Immediately Dragged for it

After making some hurtful and unsavory jokes about Simone Biles' exit from the Olympic Games, Michael Che is trying to salvage his reputation.Late Thursday night, the 'SNL star' announced via social media that he was going to attempt some Simone jokes live in NYC. He apparently got a lot of support from his followers, who suggested material to add to his act. Michael reposted the suggestions, including one that referred to Larry Nassar, a convicted molester. Simone was one of his victims.Che retorted: "Larry Nasser knows Simone Biles better then anyone." Because of mounting pressure, he had to give up doing the things he loved at his highest point in his career.He wrote a critique, saying "goddamn that's rough." It was absolutely tasteless, but he gave it a 9. Again, Nassar was convicted for molesting 10 girls in the U.S. Gymnastics program.Che also made a much less cruel "joke" by reposting, "Who said black don’t crack?"It is not clear if he tried any of his material or that of his followers on stage. He claimed to have 3 minutes of Biles material.Che knew that there would be severe backlash online for posting photos of a beloved athlete. He posted on Friday morning, "I was hacked today." I can't believe what they did to me. You know what? I make jokes about cops and whites.