Sharon Stone says a TV role is being threatened because she wants everyone on set vaccinated

Everyone who is returning to work should get vaccinated, especially as vaccines have been available for several months. Celebrities have used their power to make sure everyone on the set of Hollywood productions is vaccinated. It seems reasonable to ask that everyone do their part to prevent anyone from becoming seriously ill. Sharon Stone says it was a difficult task to do so. Advertisement Deadline reports Sharon Stone spoke out about the danger of losing a part in a television show filming in Atlanta, in a video she made for her campaign to join SAG-AFTRA Board. She demanded that everyone be vaccinated. Do I have to go to work before everyone else on my show has been vaccinated? No. She said, "No, I won't." Do you think I am being threatened with losing my job? Yes. Yes, I am. If everyone on my show isn't vaccinated, will I lose my job? Yes. She agreed. Do you think I could stand up for everyone so that every person in our group is vaccinated? Yes. Yes. Why? It is absurd that we should be forced to work in places that are unsafe. I stand up for everyone when I tell you that Membership First, the Screen Actors Guild I will be representing, will be safe for us all to go to work. Actor doubles down and says, "I won't work until all our sets have been vaccinated." You shouldn't. Why? Because I am running to represent us. Why? We are you. I am sorry for this, but it is what we have as Screen Actors Guild today. We are grateful. It is vital that everyone takes the necessary precautions as the Delta variant has spread around the world, making even those who have been vaccinated unwell. Although it is not clear what Stone was producing, studios are beginning to realize that unsafe working conditions can be a liability. Netflix was the first major studio in America to mandate that all employees in U.S. productions be vaccinated. We need other studios following suit.