Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android in 2021

Android Central 2021: Best Antivirus Apps Free of ChargeAntivirus apps that are free don't do anything more than scan your device to find existing threats. You can expect ads and slowdown due to the amount of resources they use. After trying several antivirus apps for free, I chose Sophos Intercept X Mobile due to its extra security tools and the ease with which it detects malware.Source: Nicole Johnston/ Android CentralThis app filters malicious links and blocks calls. The QR scanner verifies each link before allowing you to connect or downloading. Sophos anti-theft tools allow you to remotely access stolen devices to erase data, reset passwords, send commands to the thieves, and track where your phone is. Sophos offers a system scanner to help you identify security problems on your device and help you secure them. This could be an old program running in the background or another app that isn't necessary. Sophos is not overly ad-heavy so that you aren't distracted or your phone slows down. It's not the easiest app to use. It took me a while to find the right tools and how to enable/disable them. It is amazing to see how many features this app offers. The QR scanner is a proRemote access to lost or stolen devicesProtects against malicious app Cons: It's difficult to understand how to useBest Overall Sophos Intercept X Mobile Protection Best protection against malware, sites, and files. Google PlayIncludes VPN: Avast AntivirusSource: Nicole Johnston/ Android CentralThe data shield protects photos, contacts, and other sensitive files against being accessed by hackers and unauthorized apps. It blocks phishing attempts and stops malware from attacking your device. It is easy to use, with all tools shown on the dashboard right at your fingertips. I experienced no slowdown during security and virus scans. Avast Antivirus offers web protections to help you identify potentially dangerous websites that may contain malicious files or downloads. Although this is a great way to prevent threats from infecting your computer, it is not a real-time, permanent blocker like the paid version of Avast. This app also includes a VPN to protect your device against adware, spyware, and other internet trackers. Avast has ads because it's a free program. It also requires many permissions to access all parts of your phone or tablet. This made me feel uneasy in some ways. It doesn't offer real-time protection. It was also very thorough in scanning files for malware, junk files and cleaning up any leftovers. Pros: Deep virus scanningWeb shieldVPN Cons: In-app adsMany permissions are requiredVPN Avast Antivirus Shield device locations with a VPN Avast cleans your mobile devices of viruses and infected, and it doesn't cause any noticeable slowdown. Google PlayPhoto Vault: AVG Free AntiVirusSource: Nicole Johnston/ Android CentralAVG AntiVirus also includes a photo vault which encrypts your files to prevent ransomware from taking them hostage or accessing them without your consent. Your device's location is hidden from internet trackers and adware by using a VPN connection. Although it doesn't offer real-time protection against malware, this app can run deep scans on your phone and tablet to find any issues. It will help you remove junk files so that your device runs faster. Additionally, it will scan web sites to let you know if any have malicious links or files. AVG installed on my phone caused noticeable lag, especially when I was running virus scans. It was becoming increasingly frustrating to have to wait for apps to open, attach files to emails, or play a game while AVG was installed. Although I appreciate the thoroughness with which AVG scans for issues, it is too frustrating to bear the slowdown. VPN has many positivesPhoto vaultPros: Cleanse junk files Expect some slowdownPhoto Vault AVG AntiVirus free Protects photos from prying eyes AVG removes junk files from your device to speed up its performance and stores photos in an encrypted vault. Google PlayBitdefender Antivirus Basic ProtectionSource: Nicole Johnston/ Android CentralThis app scans your device for malware. Although there is no safe browsing or phishing filter to prevent attacks, the app's autopilot scans your phone often enough to detect threats before they become serious. The autopilot feature is not mandatory. Instead, you can manually start and stop scans. Bitdefender also scans all files on removable SD card to make sure there are no hidden threats. Bitdefender Free Antivirus worked well during my testing. I could continue working on my devices and didn't have to worry about my system slowing down or lagging while playing a game. Bitdefender informed me that a scan was taking place, which I didn't know until it confirmed. Bitdefender is an antivirus app that's free, but there aren’t many ads. Bitdefender Free Antivirus is the reason Bitdefender Free Antivirus didn't win the top spot. It doesn't provide any other tools. Bitdefender Free Antivirus doesn't offer the anti-theft and VPN tools that other apps do. Bitdefender is a great choice for all devices if you don’t require the additional features. Pros: Autopilot scansScans removable storageMinimal resource use Cons: No extra toolsBasic Protection Bitdefender Antivirus Bitdefender Basic protection is a powerful, yet simple, security that Bitdefender scans deep to make sure your phone, removable storage and all other data are free from viruses. Google PlayLookout Security - System ScannerSource: Nicole Johnston/ Android CentralDepending on which device you use and the provider of your cell phone, Lookout Security might already be installed on your phone. This antivirus program scans your phone frequently for malware and then helps you to remove it. It will also show you which apps are running behind your device's back and draining its battery. The system advisor of Lookout continuously checks your operating system to identify any root issues. This will allow you to fix the problem and protect your device from hackers. It also includes anti-theft tools such as a device locator, remote lockdown, and a remote lockdown. The free version of the app doesn't include many additional tools or features. The Premium version includes file backups and a VPN. However, many users dislike these tools and prefer the free version. Pros: Anti-theft instrumentsSystem advisor Cons: Some tools don't work wellAnti-theft Tools Lookout Security System Scanner. Lookout Security does an adequate job scanning devices for potential threats. You can also remotely wipe or locate a lost or stolen device. Google Play offers it for freeMalwarebytes Security - Adware RemovalSource: Nicole Johnston/ Android CentralAlthough it won't prevent malware infection, this basic antivirus app does a great job at removing malicious files and adware from your computer. Malwarebytes doesn't consume a lot of resources so it won't slow you down. Malwarebytes's free antivirus program is also completely ad-free. Malwarebytes stops ransomware from encrypting or holding hostage to your files and programs. Malwarebytes can also detect phishing schemes in emails and alert you before you click through to provide any personal information. For additional tools such as real-time detection or prevention of malware, you can upgrade to the Premium version. After the trial ends, you'll have to pay extra for the premium features. The Pros: It removes adsExcellent at clearing malwareWarnings about phishing schemes Cons - Only Premium offers preventionMalwarebytes Security Malwarebytes Adware Removal Malwarebytes Security Scans deep to remove adware Malwarebytes recognizes malware threats more than most free apps, even adware. It can also detect phishing schemes. Google Play offers it for free