Aaron Rodgers & Packers Breakup Coming After 2022 Season, Says LeRoy Butler

Watch video content at TMZSports.com According to LeRoy Butler, the marriage between Aaron Rodgers (Packers) will continue for two more seasons. Butler told TMZ Sports that he believes Rodgers will go to wherever he wishes to go after '22. They'll be happy to get rid of him at this point." This bold prediction is from ex-Packers star safety Rodgers. Many believe that he's gone after this season after Rodgers' open meeting on Wednesday with reporters. Green Bay Packers video In case you didn't catch it, Rodgers lashed out at Packers executives for not giving Rodgers more control over team decisions and not extending Rodgers' contract after he said he asked for it all back in February. It seems that the writing is on the wall that Butler will be traded once this season ends. But Butler says that he believes it will play out differently. LeRoy states that he doesn’t believe Jordan Love will be available to take over in 2022... which will lead to more offseason drama and yet another year with Rodgers at the center. Butler states, "I believe they'll go though this same thing again -- and it'll just be as toxic." "But, at end of the day I believe Aaron will be quarterback for '21 & '22." Butler doesn't see any other scenario, such as the Packers trading Love or extending Rodgers’ contract. Butler states, "You would have had to fire [general manger Brian Gutekunst]". "There is no going back."


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