Simone Biles, plagued by 'twisties,' says mind and body not in sync at Olympics

Simone Biles explains that her withdrawal from the final of women's gymnastics was due to her mental health. (1:26). Simone Biles posted an Instagram message Friday morning stating that her mind and body were "not in sync". She also went into more detail about the issue she has been dealing with since arriving in Tokyo for the Olympic Games. Biles pulled out of Thursday's all-around individual competition at the Olympics earlier this week to concentrate on her mental health. Biles had also pulled out of the team final following one rotation on vault. Biles shared a video on Friday of her practicing in uneven bars. She tries a 1 twist, falls flat on her stomach and then tries to do a back flip. She commented, "I don’t think you realize just how dangerous it is on hard/competitive surfaces," along with the video. Biles made a terrible vault Tuesday in the finals for women's teams. Biles seemed to be lost in the air, a phenomenon known as "the twisties", which can result in serious injuries for gymnasts performing airborne routines. The twisties can take a while for gymnasts to get used to. Biles stated that this did not happen before she left the U.S., and added that it "randomly started happening after prelims competition on the very next day." Biles answered a number of questions from fans and revealed that she still struggles with twisties. She said, "Sometimes, I can't even comprehend twisting." I don't know how to twist. It's the strangest and most bizarre thing I have ever seen. Biles stated that she had experienced this phenomenon before, but it is usually seen in vault and floor and lasts for two to three weeks. It's not something that I have experienced, but it is now on all events. It's a pain. She added, "Really bad." Results Biles answered a question about the sensation of twisting and said that he couldn't tell which direction was up or down. It's the most bizarre feeling. You don't have an inch of control over what happens to your body. Even scarier, I don't know where I am in the air. I also don't know how or what I'm going down on. Head/hands/feet/back. "I don't know how I landed on my feet on the vault. If you look at the photos and my eyes, you can see how lost I am about where I am in the air. I landed safely, but I don't think many of you know that I was supposed do a 2, and I did only 1 twist before I was shot out of the sky. In her final Instagram post, she stated that she did not quit because of a poor performance. I've seen many bad performances in my career, and I finished the competition. "I was so out of control that my safety and team medal were at risk." Biles and her USA team-mates cheered for Suni Lee who won gold in the individual all round event.


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