Oh deer, Sweet Tooth is coming back for a second season at Netflix

Netflix's new streaming series Sweet Tooth is lighter than many other pandemic-themed postapocalyptic narratives. Yes, large numbers of people are dying from what is known only as Th e sick, and yes, there are many odd hybrid children running around. The Christian Convery-starring series offered a lot of hope and heart. This was especially evident in the relationship between Convery's titular deer-boy, and Nonso Annzies Big Man who is his protector on a cross country quest. Advertisement Today, Netflix announced that Sweet Tooth, the Netflix adaptation of Jeff Lemires comic series with the same name, has been renewed for a second year. (Handy) Since the first season ended on a major cliffhanger, this is a big news for Sweet Tooth fans. Jim Mickle will executive produce and oversee the series' renewal. He said that it was equally exciting and heartwarming to see how people all over the globe have fallen in love with their deer-boy. We couldn't be happier to continue our collaboration and follow Gus on his extraordinary journey. Sweet Tooth stars Convery, Anonzie, Stefania LeVie Owen and Dania Ramirez. Neil Sandilands is also a part of the cast. James Brolin acts as the show's narrator. Netflix reported that 60 million households tried the series last month.


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