Forza Motorsport 7 will be driving into the sunset in September

Forza Motorsport 7 will be no longer available for purchase on the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass after September 15, 2021. This is due to its end of life status. While the game will not be entirely gone, those who own the game can still download it and play it. The multiplayer will also be available. However, anyone who doesn't have the game cannot purchase the digital version. According to Forza's Twitter account, this is because real-world tracks and cars are beginning to lose their licenses.This may be something you've seen before if you are a long-time Forza enthusiast. The delisting of games in the series has been a tradition for four years. Horizon 3 was delisted on September 2020, after it was launched in September 2016. Motorsport 6 was also removed from Microsoft's online store in September 2019. It was launched in September 2015 and was released in September 2016.Microsoft's Game Pass adds a layer of complexity to Motorsport 7s delistingThere's also the added complexity of Xbox Game Pass with Motorsport 7. After September 15, the game will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass service. This raises an interesting question: What about those who bought DLC to get the Game Pass version but didn't purchase the game? Forza states that any person in this situation will be issued a token which will allow them to continue playing the game. The token will be sent out to players on August 2nd and must be used before September 15th 2023.Not dumb at all! After several years, Forza games will be removed from the site because third-party licenses we used to feature real-world tracks and cars will expire. Forza Motorsport (@ForzaMotorsport) July 29, 2021Fans quickly pointed out that other racing games don't seem to have the same issue as Forza when the Forza twitter account stated that the games were being removed from the list because their licenses expired. Need For Speed Rivals is an example of a real car racing game. It was released in 2013 and can be purchased in the Microsoft Store. The Verge reached out EA to find out how they license cars for the games. However, we didn't receive an immediate response.Even though they are well-worth playing, it is difficult to find older Forza titles.It is interesting to see the Forza model. The games are clearly well-crafted and often used as a benchmark for what racing games can look like. After four years, however, it becomes much more difficult to purchase them. My colleague mourned the loss the Horizon 3, which he considered the best in the series. It is something I have never seen and it has been a long time since I bought it. However, I cannot get it (although I do not own an Xbox and used physical copies are readily available).This is not to shame or point fingers at the Forza team. EA Sports and NCAA have demonstrated that digitizing the real-world into a playable format can be difficult when there are people or brands involved. Hyper and supercar makers, such as those featured in Forza, are often very protective of their brand. Famously, Ferrari sent Deadmau5 an cease-and-desist letter after he customized his Ferrari. This is just bizarre, regardless of the reason, that Forza licenses.Although it is disappointing that Forza Motorsport 7 will be removed from Microsofts virtual shelves at Microsoft, there is a silver-lining. The Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate editions of the game are all available for purchase at a discount of 75 percent, with prices of $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99, respectively. Forza's support article states that they will be available until September 15th and that the game can still be played after it is gone.