Mexico softball team tosses uniforms in Olympic Village trash

Mexican Olympic Committee expressed dismay that the softball team left the Olympic Games with bedding from the Olympic Village, rather than the official uniforms and apparel of the players.ESPN's Carlos Padilla, president of the committee, stated that it was regrettable that the uniforms were left in an inconvenient place. Instead of using some bedspreads from Olympic Village, it was left behind.With 14 American and one Mexican player on the roster, the country's softball team finished fourth in Tuesday's bronze medal game. Canada lost 3-2. Mexico's first attempt at Olympic softball was in Tokyo Olympics.The country's softball federation condemned the act and said Thursday in a statement that it would investigate the matter. It also stated that the players responsible will not be allowed to represent Mexico.Brianda Tamara Cruz is a Welterweight boxer representing Mexico in Tokyo. She took to social media and posted pictures of gear that was allegedly found in trash at the Olympic Village. The committee considered the photos an "affront the [national] Identity" as the uniforms featured the Mexican flag on the chest.Este uniforme representa aos de esfuerzos, sacrificios y lgrimas.Todos los deportistas mexicanos anhelamos portarlo dignamente, y hoy tristemente el equipo mexicano de sftbol lo dej todo en la basura de las villas olmpicas. @esmerfalconmx @CONADE @COM_Mexico Brianda Tamara (@BriandaTamara) July 29, 2021Cruz tweeted, "This uniform represents years and effort, sacrifice, and tears." "All Mexican athletes long to wear this uniform with dignity. Today, sadly, the Olympic Village trashed it."ESPN Mexico sources said that about 10 more sets of equipment were discovered in the trash, including clothing from the opening ceremony and sneakers, as well as suitcases.Rolando Guerrero was the president and former head coach of Mexico's softball league. He said that his players were too cautious about their luggage and some had even forgotten to bring expensive fielding gloves.Guerrero stated that if the item was found in trash, people would be looking for it. Guerrero added that it wasn't the same to pack 33 bats, catchers equipment, game gear and three uniforms for a softball team as to pack a pair gloves. It's easier to pack a pair gloves, with all due respect. We won't be chasing anyone, responding to anybody, or rebutting anything posted on social media. It was just too much cargo."Mario Garcia, secretary general of the Mexico Olympic Committee, stated to ESPN Mexico that there was more that could have been done in order to avoid cargo issues. He suggested that the official gear could have been shipped separately as was the case with the clothing for the opening ceremony.He said that the team could have packed more cargo or uniforms in carry-on bags. Garcia said that the committee could discipline the team further or even impose legal sanctions.