Kim Kardashian Gets Cease and Desist Letter Over SKKN Trademark

Kim Kardashian has just experienced a speed bump when she tried to trademark "SKKN", her new line of beauty products. It seems that another brand claims they have the name.Lawyers for Beauty Concepts LLC sent a cease-and-desist letter to KK's legal department. They claimed that since July 2017, it has provided salon and skin care services using the SKKN+ brand, which is owned by Cydnie Lunsford.Beauty Concepts also claims it operates a website and social networks using the same block letters in the letter obtained by TMZ. Beauty Concepts also claims that it applied to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in March to register SKKN+'s logo.We are waiting for your permission to load Instagram Media.According to the company, it has spent considerable time, effort, and money in developing and marketing its SKKN+ services for the past 3 years. Kim's attempt to play for the same name will cause confusion on the market. They are the Patent and Trademark Office's basis for rejecting an application.Michael G. Rhodes Kim's attorney tells us that "we certainly appreciate and support small business, and our hats are off to Ms. Lunsford. The question is about trademark law. We have not done anything that would merit legal action by her.He continued, "We are disappointed she chose to run to media knowing that were scheduling a phone call for tomorrow, requested her attorney." We disagree with the letter but are hopeful that things will be sorted out once both sides have spoken.Beauty Concepts claims Kim's trademark application to "SKKN", is a ripoff their original moniker, and that simply adding "By Kim", does not differentiate the brands.Beauty Concepts claims it used the name SKKN+ for three years before Kim applied for its trademark.We've already reported that Kim's team also filed for the trademark. In December 2020, as well as @SKKN social media handles were all secured by Kim's team. This indicates that this was in the works for a while.