Snapchat is crashing for a lot of people again

Snapchat has been experiencing major issues as of Thursday evening. More than 125,000 users have reported problems on Downdetector. My iPhone 12 Mini failed to log in to the app. Now, the app crashes every time I open it. The app is not accessible to two other Verge employees.Snap admitted that there was a problem with a tweet they sent at 6:51 PM ET. Snapchat confirmed that they are aware of a problem that prevents some Snapchatters from logging into their accounts. We are working to fix it!This outage is due to a June bug that caused an iOS Snapchat app version to crash upon launch. The bug was finally fixed by an update shortly after.I recommend that you follow the memes being posted on Twitter. They should be a distraction while Snapchat is fixed.