A Baby Was Born With Her 'Parasitic' Twin Inside Her Stomach

Futurism Developments, imageDoctors were concerned about a baby girl born with an abnormally large stomach. Doctors looked closer and found a partially-developed human embryo inside. The Times of Israel reported that this could be a sign of a twin sibling who was absorbed during prenatal growth.This phenomenon is called "fetus-in-fetu", which literally means "fetus-in-fetus birth". It is very rare. It is not uncommon, however, with one birth per 500,000. It is still shocking to see.It was an embryo. Omer Globus (head of neonatology at Assuta Medical Center, where the baby was born), told The Times of Israel that we were shocked to learn this.After explaining that two pieces of tissue were removed from the baby's stomach by a team, we believe there was more than one.AdvertisementAdvertisementThe embryo, which was only partially developed, contained organs such as bones and a heart. The doctors stressed to The Times that there had been no sibling violence. The embryo was far from fully formed and never lived in the conventional sense of the word.Globus stated that it did not look as embryonal as you might imagine.Live Science reports that experts suspect that fetus-in-fetu births may be a rare form parasitism between twins. This is when an identical twin accidentally absorbs another before the twins are finished developing. However, the partially preserved twin is still alive. Some believe that the internal embryo may actually be a prenatal tumor. It contains the same types of cells as a human embryo in development.The Times confirmed that both the mother and baby were sent home from the hospital, despite the many questions about why these situations occurred.Advertisement