J Lo Gets All Up in Ben Affleck's Lap While Eating Out in Italy

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck can't help but look at each other while on vacation. Even though they are seated in busy restaurants!The couple stopped in Nerano on Wednesday as they continued their nautical journey along the Italian Riviera. There, they enjoyed a romantic dinner. J Lo, in a red and white bandeau top that was very visible -- placed her famous asset right in Ben’s lap.There's apparently a shortage of chairs over there. These photos aren't meant to be a complaint, Ben.Everybody's favorite reunited lovers hugged, kissed and laughed while their customers enjoyed simple ol' food delights.Anyone else noticed anything strange with these 2 this week, or know of anyone who has? We noticed that Affleck's tan is not what it used to be during their Mediterranean yacht vacation. This is what it looks like!