Lewis Hamilton-Max Verstappen collision: Red Bull's penalty request rejected

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were reunited at the British Grand PrixFormula 1 officials have rejected Red Bull's request to reevaluate the penalty that Lewis Hamilton received at the British Grand Prix.For colliding with Max Verstappen's Red Bull on the first lap, the Mercedes driver was deemed "predominantly at fault".Hamilton was given a 10-second penaltyThe Hungarian Grand Prix Stewards ruled that there was no additional evidence.Verstappen (23 years old) crashed out of the race while Hamilton won a thrilling victory.This decision leaves Verstappen, 36, with an eight point lead over Hamilton in the championship heading into the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend. It is the last race before the three-week-long summer break for F1.Mercedes "welcomed” the decision, but called the appeal and documents submitted "a concerted effort by Red Bull Racing's senior management to damage the sporting integrity and good name of Lewis Hamilton."Red Bull argued what?Red Bull provided a number of pieces of new information to the hearing. This included the GPS data from their cars that showed their position.The Mercedes driver was able to pass for the lead in the Manoeuvre with just two laps remaining.Red Bull used the Leclerc pass in an argument that Hamilton would have made contact if he had been following the same track at the same speed as in the Verstappen case. They also claimed Hamilton had to stop 23m earlier than he did in order to turn the corner.They wanted to create ground rules for the remainder of the season after the collision, when the title battle between these two men reaches its climax.Red Bull wanted to know how this decision was made following such a serious accident.Verstappen was hit by the Copse corner barriers at 190mph and suffered 51G of impact. He was then taken to the hospital for further tests. He was released from hospital later that night with only minor injuries, including bruising and aches & pains.Why was this case dismissed?The stewards must reassess case by stating that the evidence was "new, significant, and relevant", and that it had been "discovered" and not "created" and available at the time of the decision.They found that the elements were available to all parties who requested the review.They also claimed that the submissions of GPS data were "created on the basis of evidence available at the time the decision was made".Red Bull's allegations were raised by Red Bull, the stewards stated. Red Bull had accused Hamilton of a variety of things, but they refused to comment further. Mercedes also declined to answer the allegations.Hamilton's viewOn Thursday, both drivers gave their news conferences. This was before the hearing. They were then asked additional questions by the media about the incident.Hamilton claimed he called Verstappen during the days after the crash.Hamilton stated that he did call Max to make sure he was okay. Hamilton said, "And to let Max know that the respect is still there. It might not be reciprocated, but it's okay.He also said that he didn't regret the decision.Hamilton stated, "I would do it exactly as I did it last." Hamilton said, "In terms of how it has been reviewed or analysed. This is based on all my experience. My experience over the years speaks volumes. It's the only thing I would change.Hamilton denied Verstappen's accusations that he and his Mercedes team were disrespectful celebrating their win while Verstappen was still in hospital.Hamilton stated that he didn't think Hamilton's behavior was disrespectful. However, Hamilton acknowledged that it was one thing to know and celebrate what happened and another thing to not know and celebrate. He was not aware that I was there."Emotions were high. It was not an intention celebration. It was simply the joy of celebrating with so many people. It was a natural emotion. "I will not hide my emotions."Verstappen's ViewVerstappen stated that one man is in the hospital, while the other wave a flag like nothing happened after pushing a man into a wall with 51Gs. The whole team's reaction was also affected."This is not the way to celebrate a win, especially when you consider how they got it. It shows who they are. After being under pressure, it comes out. However, I would not want to be seen as such."Verstappen stated that Hamilton "just misjudged that moment in that corner", and that he wouldn't change his approach to racing Hamilton after the incident."Officially, people say that I am aggressive driver, but I don't believe so."I'm a hard driver. I race hard, but I think that I know how to position my car."Verstappen reiterated that he believes the penalty should be tougher but said: "We are racers, and we just keep going.""Ofcourse, I'm not happy with the events that took place there. Keep pushing. We're still fighting together for the championship. "I will race in the most efficient manner."