Suni Lee steps in for Biles and everything she touches turns gold

American gymnast, Simone Biles, has again won the gold medal in women's individual all-around. Since the Rio Games 2016, it was assumed that the gold medal in the women's individual all-around would return to the United States. Simone Biles is expected to be the first to win the title again. After she pulled out for mental health reasons, it was Sunisa Suni Lee who took the spotlight and had her moment in the spotlight.AdvertisementFor five consecutive olympics, this event has been held by an American woman. Biles, Nastia Liliukin, Gabby Douglas and Carly Patterson set the stage. Lee, who was given an unexpected opportunity to seize it, took advantage of it.Lee is a Minneapolis-St. Paul native and a Hmong American. As the first Hmong American Olympic gymnast she has made history, and she still carries the pride of her community.When asked about the growing hateful comments made against Asian-Americans, the 18-year old said that people hate us without any reason. It would be great to prove that we are more than they think. It's hard to explain.Lee's father, who was paralysed last year, also chimed in. He says it would be the most significant achievement of any Hmong person in America. It will be a part of history.There is no pressure.Lees Olympics victory was celebrated by her parents and the Hmong community.AdvertisementImmigrant daughter, now Olympic gold medalist. She is the third woman of color to win all-around Gold for Team USA. Talk about the things you love.Biles is a perfect teammate, despite being in a frenzy and showing that it is possible to be strong in your mental health and safety despite immense pressure and expectations.AdvertisementThis Olympic moment will live in the collective memory of many. It is remembered for the strength and determination that Lee displayed to seize the opportunity, the discussion that Biles has facilitated, and for the impact it had on history. Unexpected Olympic champion deserves to be celebrated.