People Share Worst Date Stories

18. "It wasn't necessarily a date but someone I was seeing invited me to their house for lunch. He wanted to introduce me and show me his childhood home. It was so sweet. I had no problem going. It didn't seem unusual because he was in the middle of moving. It was terrible."His entire family was present. They also traveled hours away. It was more than just meeting their parents, it was also meeting the entire family. Even worse? This jackass informed his parents that he had made a proposal. They had been together for just two months."I spent the whole afternoon just playing around and dumbfounded. We were only two hours away from home, and I didn't have any cell phone service or a way to leave. We spent the afternoon planning our Alaskan honeymoon and brainstorming ideas for weddings. His parents had planned to gift us an Alaskan honeymoon. Even his brother called to wish him congratulations!"We drove silently back to his apartment. I got out of my car and drove back to his apartment in silence. I didn't bother to grab my stuff when I got there. It was the most bizarre experience I have ever had. I don't know how he told his parents that he wasn't getting married.u/andandandetc