Britney Spears' Doctors Allegedly Want Jamie Out of Conservatorship

Britney Spears' father is fighting Jodi Montgomery for her conservatorship. Jodi says Jamie wants Britney out of the conservatorship, and Britney's doctors are in agreement. New legal documents obtained by TMZ show that Jodi officially joined Britney's effort to remove Jamie from the estate. Jodi, Britney's doctor, says that Jamie should be sent packing. JM also claims Britney's medical team would like Jamie to go. This is a significant development that could mean Jamie's end in the conservatorship. Britney's medical doctors and therapists may feel Jamie is torturing her, so the judge will likely dismiss him from the conservatorship. Jodi states in the docs that she would like Jason Rubin to take over conservatorship of her estate, in lieu of Jamie. Britney chose Rubin to replace her father, as we told you in the beginning. Britney's lawyer Mat Rosengart believes that Rubin is a CPA who has the credentials to manage Britney's business affairs. Bottom line: Britney and Jodi appear to have formed a united front, and they are going full steam ahead in their quest to expel Jamie.