Should I buy a replacement SSD for PS5?

The best answer is yes, but you should be careful and research. Sony cannot guarantee that all SSDs meet the listed requirements will work with PS5. It is important to ensure that all SSDs meet the listed requirements are compatible with PS5.What is the difference between an SSD or HDD?SSDs are faster and usually smaller than HDDs, making it easier to understand. SSDs store data in flash, while HDDs require mechanical parts to physically read and write the information.The PS5 is faster than the PS4 Pro which uses an HDD.Which SSD should I choose?You should buy an internal SSD now that Sony has made it possible to expand storage for PS5. After you remove the white plate, there is a designated slot for it next to the fan. It can be difficult to determine which models are compatible. The full list of requirements can be found below. PlayStation notes that M.2 SATA SSDs will not work.