Soulja Boy Birthday Party Shut Down By Cops

Watch video content at TMZ.comSoulja Boy's birthday party was not well received by neighbors, especially the cops who shut it down. But he was still rinkin' high in his brand new McLaren which looked like a steroided out bumblebee! This is what it looked like!Soulja arrived late to his birthday party. In fact, cops had already closed the event before Soulja rode up in his new ride, courtesy of Ray J. Soulja didn't seem to mind that guests were scattered all around him... his focus was on his screaming yellow whip.Watch video content at TMZ.comThe party was hosted by rapper OG 3Three, who is the one who implored the participants to get it done before the cops began writing tickets.OG 3Three stated that cops had told him that there were many complaints -- too many people, noise and late at night. The area was actually surrounded by police, both from the air and on the ground.Watch video content at TMZ.comRay J wasn't an anonymous gift-giver... he was happy to share that he made Soulja's night with McLaren. Ray J was always the salesman and made sure Ray's car had Raycon stickers to promote his headphones.