PS5: SSD storage expansion guide

The PS5's lightning-fast SSD is one of its most impressive features. It has 825GB storage, and only 667GB is actually usable. Although an SSD allows developers to reduce the size of their games, this is only a partial advantage. We have created this handy guide in anticipation of Sony's approval for expanded SSD storage. It explains the differences between HDD and SSD, as well as how PS5 storage works currently.HDD vs SSD: An explanationSource: Sony (screenshot).SSDs (solid state drive) are smaller and faster than HDDs (hard disk drive). This is because they use flash-memory chips instead of moving parts. HDDs on the other side take longer to read/write data because they use magnetic tape with internal moving parts. SSDs tend to be more expensive than HDDs. VPN Deals: A lifetime license for $16, monthly plans starting at $1, and more. Sony claims that the PS5 can load 2GB of data in 0.27 seconds. This is in perfect conditions. The PS5 is clearly the superior console when it comes down to PS4 Pro vs PS5. An SSD can render everything you see on-screen in fractions of the time that an HDD can. SSDs reduce latency, load times, and texture pop in. This is why the PS5 can offer near-instantaneous loading of certain games. The PS5's SSD is able to instantly locate the drive and retrieve 5GB of data each second. The PS4's HDD search time is approximately 2 to 50 milliseconds and its bandwidth is 50 to 100 MB/s. If you're curious, there are 1,000 gigabytes in one gigabyte. This makes the PS4's bandwidth only 1/50th that of the PS5 at best. Compatibility and requirements for PS5 SSDSource: Sony (screenshot).Sony has detailed which internal SSDs are compatible with the PS5, but it is likely to confuse people who don't know much about the technology. Sony can't guarantee third-party SSDs will work, so it is important to verify the specifications and sizes. It is also noted that an internal SSD may not perform as well as the built-in SSD in the PS5.Interface PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD Capacity 250GB / 4TB. Cooling structure Heatsink (single-sided or double-sided) Sequential read speed 5,500MB/s or quicker. Module width 22mm. Socket size Socket 3. (Key M) Length 30, 42mm, 60mm and 80mm. Total size w/ cooling system Less than 112.5mm.What SSDs aren't compatible with PS5 Your SSD will not work with PS5 if it doesn't meet these requirements. M.2 SATA SSDs won't work with PS5. It is important to be cautious when purchasing an SSD for your PS5. You may also want to contact the manufacturer to confirm that the SSD you are interested in is compatible. We don't know which SSDs will work on PS5 because of their compatibility. We will keep track of which SSDs are compatible with your system as more people try them out and learn which ones don't work. External SSDs are not compatible with PS5 games. However, a recent update allows you to store PS5 games on external SSDs via USB. You can also store and play backward compatible PS4 games. This is an excellent way to free up internal SSD space. Internal SSDs should work with all PS5 games, provided they are compatible with the system. Performance may differ from that of the PS5's internal drive. Do I need an SSD for my PS5? But be careful. Sony stated that M.2 SSDs can be used with PS5 but also said that they cannot guarantee compatibility. Sony is likely to be taking this precaution as it cannot speak for third-party hardware. The majority of SSDs that meet the requirements should work.Seagate FireCuda530 1TB Internal Solid State Drive Seagate confirms that the FireCuda530 has been compatible with PS5 and has passed all tests. It's available in 500GB, 4TB and 4TB capacities.Use an internal SSD with PS5Players will be able remove the white bottom panel (if the PS5 lies horizontally) to access the slot next to the fan. In the near future, we will have a detailed guide on how to add an external SSD. An external SSD or HDD can be connected via USB. However, you cannot store or play backward compatible PS4 or PS5 games. This option is available if you are happy with it or have a large PS4 library that doesn't fit on your internal drive.