Tsunami Warning For Alaska After Massive Earthquake Off Coast

ToplineAccording to the U.S. Geological Survey, there is a tsunami warning in effect for Alaskan parts. Officials are also assessing the threat to Hawaii from an 8.2-magnitude earthquake that struck off the Alaska peninsula.The Key FactsOfficials stated that the earthquake occurred Wednesday at 10:15 PM local time, approximately 56 miles east of Perryville, Alaska. It also took place 29 miles below the ocean's surface. Two strong aftershocks were reported by the agency following the earthquake, which was estimated to have magnitudes 6.2 and 56. Tsunami warnings were issued for South Alaska and parts of the Alaska Peninsula. After the earthquake, Hawaii was placed on tsunami watch. This was later cancelled by more data.What to WatchTsunami activity in Alaska will vary depending on where it is located. It is expected to begin between 22:55 and 01:15 Jul. 28 and 01:15 July. 29 AKDT. According to forecasts by the government, maximum wave heights for Southeast Alaska's outer coast will be less than one foot.This is an ongoing story.