Great News, Bob Odenkirk Is Going to Be OK

According to his representatives, actor and comedian Bob Odenkirk will be fine. TMZ reported on Tuesday night that Odenkirk, an actor and comedian, had fallen on the set at Better Call Saul in Albuquerque. He was rushed to a local hospital. The details of his condition were not immediately available. In the absence of any information, the internet was inundated with support from friends, fans, and colleagues wishing him well. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Odenkirk's representatives stated that Odenkirk had suffered a heart attack, but is now stable.AdvertisementAfter a heart attack, Bob is now in stable condition. His family and friends would like to thank the amazing doctors and nurses who looked after him as well as his crew, crew, and producers, for their support. Bob is currently undergoing rehabilitation and would like to thank everyone who sent well wishes.AdvertisementAdvertisementNate Odenkirk, Odenkirk's son, also tweeted that his dad was going to be alright.He will be fine. Nate Odenkirk (@birthdaynate), July 28, 2021AdvertisementEveryone on the internet sighed with relief when Odenkirk was declared stable and able to recover. Let's hope his return to normal life is as joyous as that of Little Women.