Titans' Ryan Tannehill: NFL 'trying to force our hands' on COVID-19 vaccines

NASHVILLE (Tenn.) -- On Wednesday, the Tennessee Titans opened training camp with a 90% COVID-19 vaccine rate according to Jon Robinson. Ryan Tannehill is one of the players who will be vaccinated. It is not clear if they are fully vaccinated or players with at most one shot. After practice, the quarterback spoke with the media and stated that he is getting vaccinated because of strict protocols by the NFL for unvaccinated players. Tannehill stated that "I am currently in this process right now." "The NFL made it very clear what they want to see happen." They'll make your life miserable if you don't follow the protocol. "I would not have received the vaccine if it weren't for the protocols they enforce on me. It's an individual decision that each person makes. They want to force us into submission and eventually have made it impossible for many people to comply with the protocols. It's what it is. Ryan Tannehill, #Titans quarterback, wore a mask during team stretch. He's currently completing his vaccinations. pic.twitter.com/oTRNkDe6Bz TURRON DAVENPORT (@TDavenport_NFL) July 28, 2021 Tannehill stated that he loves the game, and wants to be vaccinated in order to build chemistry with his teammates on the field and in the locker room. Tannehill stated that the Titans brought in doctors and other medical experts to educate the players on vaccines. Tannehill still isn't comfortable with COVID-19 vaccines despite his education. Tannehill declined to elaborate. Tannehill wore the mask for the team stretch period, but it was not mandatory to wear the mask during practice. Robinson explained that it was part of the new protocols, which were established last night. Robinson explained the four types of players who were vaccinated. "There is a group that has been fully vaccinated and has received either one or two shots, but has not yet completed the 14-day adjustment period. Next is the category that has already been vaccinated but needs to wait until they have completed the 14-day acclimation period. They are still in between shots. Robinson explained that there is a fourth category in which they have not been vaccinated before Wednesday's practice. The Titans encourage players to conduct more research on the vaccine process and to become more familiar. Mike Vrabel, coach, said that they are determined to continue to educate their players so they can make the right decision for themselves and hopefully for this football team. This is their decision. They will make it. Vrabel stated that he expects more players to be vaccinated, but maintained that the protocols will not change with the increase in vaccinations. Vrabel stated that the Titans don't use such identifiers, despite some teams using a band to identify their unvaccinated players. Vrabel reports that the entire Titans coaching team is fully vaccinated. Vrabel said that the team had placed defensive back Chris Jones on the reserve COVID 19 list prior to Wednesday's practice.


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