What's going on with Fred Durst's Instagram?

Fred Durst will be taking Limp Bizkit to tour. He'll make his first Lollapalooza stop this Saturday. Durst is introducing Limp Bizkit fans to a new generation just one day before the festival starts. Every post on his Instagram was deleted except one that showed Durst wearing a hatless look with swoopy locks, button-down shirt and a horseshoe mustache. He captioned the photo with the mysterious words "Thinking about you 70."AdvertisementUnfortunately, there are still people who will do anything for the nookie. Durst's new look is making him happy. Twitter users took a break from their beach jokes about Old and first Cow, Pig, and now Lamb to share how shocked they were to see this side of Durst. We would have told you that Fred Durst and Bill Callahan could look even remotely similar if you had told us one week ago.What's the deal with all the posts disappearing? Is Limp Bizkit going indie? He is definitely a vibe that you would expect to hear when recording an album in a cabin deep in the woods. He hasn't recorded an acoustic song before. It is possible that this is not the case. It is unlikely that he will ever switch to n-metal, but we can't see him doing so. On his Instagram Live, he encouraged fans to listen to Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine. We would be open to a Limp Bizkit album that sounds like any of these bands.