Reggie Bush won't get 2005 Heisman Trophy returned to him after decision by NCAA

Paul Finebaum examines the question of whether Reggie Bush should be awarded his Heisman Trophy back following the NIL decision that took effect July 1. (2:08). Reggie Bush, a former USC Trojans runningback, will not receive the 2005 Heisman trophy. According to an NCAA spokesperson, the NCAA will not reverse penalties or exempt records that were previously vacated from previous years due to recent changes in name, image, and likeness regulations. The NCAA spokesperson stated that college athletes are now allowed to receive benefits from their images, names and likenesses through endorsements and appearances. However, NCAA rules do not allow for pay-for-play arrangements. "The NCAA Infractions Process exists to promote fairness and equality in college sports. All NCAA member schools agree to the fair play rules and are expected to uphold them. Bush is particularly interested in this because the Heisman Trust released a statement earlier this month, in which it stated that it looked forward to welcoming Bush back to the Heisman Family if the NCAA reinstated Bush's 2005 status. The statement stated that Bush's 2005 season records were not vacated by NCAA. According to the Heisman Trust rule and as indicated on the Heisman Ballot he is therefore ineligible for the 2005 Heisman Trophy. Bush issued a statement requesting a reversal of the punishment on the same day college athletes were granted rights to profit from their NIL earlier in this month. Bush returned his Heisman Trophy following a four year extra-benefits investigation that found that he and his family, while he had been a student-athlete accepted cash, travel expenses, and a San Diego home where Bush's parents lived rent free for more than one year. They were also given $10,000 to furnish the home. The investigation resulted in Bush being ordered to disassociate USC. It included a two year postseason ban, 14 vacated wins (including the 2004 BCS National Championship) and the loss 30 scholarships. His 10-year period of disassociation ended in June 2020.


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