YouTube Channel That Hunts Scammers Falls for Scam, Deletes Itself

We learned lessons. Con Plan The hunter is the hunted. Tech Support Scams was a YouTube channel that focused on trolling and uncovering scammers. Jim Browning, a tech support fraudster, convinced him to delete the channel. The Register reports. It is obvious how ironic this is. The incident is also a warning to anyone who calls tech support: If it appears suspicious, it's probably a scam. Scam Baiting It sounds convincing in this instance. Advertisement Advertisement Browning posted a tweet stating that I convinced Browning to remove my YouTube channel. Although I didn't lose control of the channel, the sneaky s**t managed get me to delete it. I hope to be able to recover soon. Browning's scam-baiting videos have earned him a reputation and he has over three million subscribers to the platform. Browning often creates a honeypot system and pretends to fall for a fraud while allowing rogue tech support agents to scan his hard drives and plant malware. Mr. Worldwide This is a timely topic. Microsoft's new research shows that tech support scams have adapted and persist this year. Three out of five consumers have encountered one of these scams within the past 12 months, according to Microsoft. How can you protect yourself? Federal Trade Commission suggests that anyone who falls for a scam calls their credit card company, if they have ever paid the scammers money. In the event of a genuine issue, legitimate tech companies will not contact people via phone, email, or text message. Advertisement Advertisement Browning learned a lot from his mistakes. Browning posted a Patreon update that described how this all went down. I will be making a video. I will post a positive update as soon as possible. READ MORE: Tech support scams take down a YouTube channel that promotes scams. More scams: A man loses half a million dollars in Elon Musk Reply to Crypto Giveaway Scam Advertisement Advertisement


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