Trump tries to sabotage the Biden infrastructure deal

Trump, however, has stated that he does not want to support any Republican deal with Democrats. He hopes allies in Congress will kill it.Trump's opposition is, according to his aides, based on the merits. At a time of fear around inflation, he opposes additional spending and believes the framework of the potential compromise is far too tilted towards environmentally-conscious projects and not hard infrastructure. Trump's past approach to legislation has been influenced by personal grievances and self-interest. Trump's aides admit that they are still upset that a large bill was not passed during Trump's time in office.One Trump aide stated that they had four years to make an infrastructure deal with someone who is knowledgeable about infrastructure and builds buildings. I'm speaking only for myself. He hasn't said that they should have done the deal with me. But if they really wanted infrastructure, they would have done so when President Trump was there.Trump has been trying to undermine negotiations more often, but his attempts to stop any infrastructure package from moving forward have so far mostly been met with a shrug at Capitol Hill.Sen. Kevin Cramer (R.N.D.) said, "I have read the statements." It's a little lacking in specificity.On Wednesday, Sen. Sen. Rob Portman (R.Ohio.). After days of back and forth between the White House and top Republicans, it was announced that an agreement had been reached on major issues. The evening was to see a cloture vote.A senior GOP aide stated that Trump's attempts to undermine the agreement were not surprising. It is not reverberating in here. Rob Portman doesn't seem to see this and says, "Oh no, I must give up."Portman said that Trump threatened to persuade Republicans not to sign the agreement. According to reports, the senator is the primary GOP negotiator for the White House and reminded Trump that the new package was on par with his goals while at the White House. Trump spokesperson said that they were not aware of any conversations, but that Portman would not have much success.Trump's opposition to the deal echo some of the concerns expressed by conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal editorial staff days earlier. Former President threatened to sue lawmakers for supporting the deal if they didn't give Democrats a huge win on Infrastructure.Trump stated in a recent statement that Republican voters would never forget their names, nor the people of this Country.Trump tried to pass his own infrastructure bill at many junctures. He presented a plan for infrastructure improvements to America's roads, bridges, and jobs as a candidate. Once he was elected, the self-described dealmaker realized the difficulties of negotiating large spending packages in Washington. He repeatedly obstructed his efforts to achieve a deal by creating divergent tracks with himself-inflicted political controversies. Trump and the Democratic leadership appeared to be poised for an agreement on a $2 trillion infrastructure package. But, weeks later, any chance of a deal was destroyed by a dramatic Oval Office eruption between Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and House investigations.McConnell showed less enthusiasm to pass major spending bills on roads and bridges than Trump. Trump was frequently thwarted by McConnell. McConnell now has less power to decide the outcome of any infrastructure push. Trump is still focusing his anger on McConnell, and threatening to withdraw GOP caucus members from talks with Democrats regarding a bill.Trump made a scathing attack on McConnell at the Turning Point USA event in Phoenix over the weekend. He was applauded by his supporters.McConnell said that it was an honor to be given the moniker when he was asked by CNN reporters. "Old Crow" is Henry Clay's favorite Bourbon.Since the election results, Trump's animus towards McConnell has been building. After the January 6 riots, McConnell, the then-Senate majority leader, refused to back Trump's claim that the vote was rigged. He also entertained voting for Trump's impeachment. McConnell refused to back down and helped to torpedo an impartial commission to investigate the events of that day. Trump is still fixated on McConnell.Trump's adviser said that McConnell was being deprived of the majority leader position by the former president's team if Republicans regain control of the Senate in 2022, something Trump has openly fantasized about.The adviser spoke out about the Trump-McConnell relationship and said that he didn't believe it would ever be fixed. He is not efficient. In an interview, he stated that he is a good survivor but not a leader. He feels that way.Marianne Levine contributed to the report.