Apple Supplier TSMC Readies 2nm Chips for 2024

Nikkei Asia reports that Apple chip supplier TSMC plans to produce chips using a 2nm fabrication method by 2024.TSMC plans to construct a new factory in Hsinchu on 50 acres of land. The new facility will manufacture two-nanometer chips. Production is expected to start in 2024. Construction is expected to start in early 2022 and equipment will be installed by 2023.We can expect that the first 2nm Apple chips will be either the "A18" (or the "M5") if Apple keeps its current naming system. Although Apple has not yet reported plans to switch to a 2nm process, it seems likely that it will do so with TSMC as it is Apple's only processor supplier with a large manufacturing capacity.TSMC's manufacturing capabilities also far surpass those of Intel and other companies. These companies have been plagued by delays and stagnation in older manufacturing processes. This allows Apple, a major TSMC customer, to keep a competitive edge through its custom silicon chips. Intel revealed plans earlier this week to produce chips for Qualcomm.Apple's A14 and M1 chips were released in last year's devices. They were the first chips to use a 5nm manufacturing process. Apple is believed have placed an order with TSMC to produce 4nm silicon chips. These chips will be available for production in the coming year ahead of the availability by the supplier in 2022. This miniaturization process would continue with 2nm chips by 2024.TSMC is expanding rapidly to meet global demand. It has built a 5nm chip plant in Arizona, and expanded its Nanjing 28nm factory, China. They are also considering the possibility of opening new factories, possibly in Japan or Germany.