Harvard scientists are using AI to search for alien technology

Neural writer by TNW Thomas discusses AI in all its forms. Likes Werner Herzog films, Arsenal FC. Neural by TNW Thomas is a writer who covers AI in all iterations. Likes Werner Herzog movies and Arsenal FC.Researchers have unveiled a new venture using AI to find alien technology.Galileo Project will utilize a network telescopes and astronomical survey to search for evidence of extraterrestrial technological civilisations (ETCs)The program will use AI to its full potential. The team is developing algorithms to scan telescope data for alien artifacts.The group will also make use of existing and future astronomical survey to find and monitor interstellar visitors in the solar system.Avi Loeb (Harvard professor) is the project's leader. He raised eyebrows when he suggested that an object passing through our solar system could have been alien tech.Oumuamua, an interstellar interloper, was the first object confirmed to have come from another star to visit the solar system.Loeb speculated that Oumuamua's unusual acceleration was caused by a lightsail floating in interstellar spaces as a debris of advanced technological equipment.Loeb thinks that Oumuamua, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, and Oumuamua are sufficiently unusual to warrant further research into extraterrestrial technology:Science shouldn't reject extraterrestrial explanations due to social stigma or cultural preferences. We must now dare to use new telescopes both literally and metaphorically.Although the mission to locate ETCs is unlikely, it could provide new data about unusual interstellar objects.