Lucasfilm Hires Random Guy Who Made Amazing Luke Skywalker Deepfake

These deepfakes can be even more impressive than Lucasfilm's.Deepfakes with Better ResultsLucasfilm Ltd., a legendary production company, has hired a YouTuber to impress them with amazing, photorealistic deepfakes featuring Star Wars characters Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Grand Moff Tarkin. The results were even better than their own efforts, IndieWire reports.This is a significant milestone in computer-generated imagery advancement. It greatly opens up access to photorealistic digital effects for everyone without a large team or multi-million dollar budget. Hollywood is beginning to pay more attention.Young LukeLucasfilms Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), has featured the late actors Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing as well as Mark Hamill as a young man. CGI was used in many Stars Wars movies and spinoffs over the years.These effects were not impressive enough for Shamook, a YouTuber and CGI wizard. Shamook reworked ILMs De-aging of Mark Hamills appearance as a young Luke Skywalker on Disney+'s hit show The Mandalorian.AdvertisementAdvertisementThe video, which Shamook completed in just four days, ended up earning him millions of viewers, The Verge reports.IndieWire reports that audiences quickly criticised ILM's approach to de-aging Hamill in order to show their excitement about the star's return.Finding TalentShamook made the announcement in the comments section of one his videos. He noted that he had not had time to create any new YouTube content as a result.IndieWire was able confirm the news with ILM. According to a Lucasfilm representative, the company is always looking for talented artists. They have actually hired Shamook's artist.AdvertisementAdvertisementILM has invested in machine learning and AI over the last several years to create compelling visual effects work. It's been amazing to see momentum in this space as technology advances, said the representative.READ MORE: Lucasfilm hired Deepfakes to tweak Luke Skywalker's MandalorianVFX [IndieWire]Deepfakes: Anthony Bourdain's new documentary uses AI to recreate his voice