18 Plants To Make Your Space Bloom

Buzzfeed / Christine ForbesUse code BUZZFEED to get 20% off your order Brumley and Bloom, a small business owned by women in Fenton Michigan is called Brumley and Bloom.I have ordered four plants from Brumley & Bloom, and all of them arrived beautiful and healthy! After unboxing, make sure that they receive plenty of sunlight. Place the soil wherever you like after it dries. It's okay to not eat it, even if you have pets.Promising review: My golden pothos is perfect! It arrived faster than expected, was well packaged, and there wasn't any damage on arrival. It was larger than I had expected which was wonderful. The plant even had beautiful vines already growing! SophieIt's $13+ on Etsy from Brumley & Bloom (available in 3 sizes).Find out more about Pothos plants and their benefits here.