Chris Harrison Has No Hard Feelings Over 'Bachelor' Exit, Happy at 50

Watch video content at TMZ.comChris Harrison seems to have no grudges after being cut from "The Bachelor". If anything, he's just let it all go and is happier than ever.The franchise's longtime host was out with us Tuesday night, leaving The Gallery in Westlake Village with Lauren Zima, his GF. They had to be hand-in-hand, and congratulations were due, since CH just turned 50.He said that they were indeed keeping the celebrations going. When we asked him how he was feeling after his sudden exit from the 'Bachelor' country, he replied that he had processed it all and let it go.This clip shows Chris at peace. Chris is content with how things turned out. One reason is that Chris can have one of his critical weekdays back for himself once in almost 20 years. He's doing well in 2021 because the big 5-0 landed that day.After some friendlyries, our photographer got into the serious... specifically, asking Chris if he felt any way now that Matt James had ended up staying with Rachael McConnell in the end -- after she was accused by racism and he lost the job for protecting her.This is the million-dollar question everyone wants to ask Chris. But, we're curious as to how he answered it. It would seem that there is no harm or foul. He wishes the couple the best and said it was all water under the bridge.