Newsom pulls kids from summer camp after maskless revelation

Newsom's office made the announcement one day after Reopen California Schools (a group that opposes pandemic restrictions that keep children at home to learn remotely) tweeted that it had identified publicly posted photos of Newsom's 10-year old son with other maskless kids indoors at a summer basketball camps.The group posted, "This is clearly in violation of his own mandates for masks," "Why is his kid wearing a mask, but not ours?"California mandates that all youth must wear masks indoors at K-12 schools, summer camps, and other youth settings.Newsom, a Democrat, is being pressured to balance the reopening schools with the slowing down of Covid-19. Reopen California Schools sued him and Let Them Breathe against him for his recent announcement that teachers and students must wear masks whenever schools reopen. This was an improvement on the federal recommendations.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urged local officials Tuesday to promote universal masking indoors for teachers, staff, and students, regardless of their current vaccination status. The American Federation of Teachers has at least one major union supporting the new guidance. This comes just weeks before many schools start in many areas of the country.Last fall, the governor was also criticised for attending an indoor party at a wine country restaurant to celebrate the birthday of a friend who was until recently a registered lobbyist. This dinner was a catalyst for the recall movement, and resulted in Newsom's new ethics rules.Tuesday's vote saw Newsom in his most vulnerable position. A Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll found that Newsom could be recalled if his Democratic base continues to be apathetic. The poll found that Newsom would win the recall by just three points. Only 50% of most likely voters said they would keep Newsom, while only 47 percent said they would replace him.