Kanye West Shows Off Mercedes-Benz Stadium Bedroom While Finishing 'Donda'

Kanye West may be a billionaire but he isn't living the life of one. He just displayed his living conditions inside Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium... and it's quite bare-bones.This picture was posted by Mr. West. It shows what we think is his bedroom inside the stadium. We assume it's a bed, clothes, exercise equipment, and a TV. Yeezy also has a few pairs of shoes and a water bottle next to his bed... it appears he is living off the suitcase on the ground.Watch video content at TMZ.comWe first reported that Kanye is currently living in MBS as he works on his next album, "Donda."Kanye hosted a huge album party at the stadium last week. We're told that he was so inspired and motivated by the crowd that he wanted to stay in Atlanta to finish the job. He plans to release the album on August 6.Watch video content at TMZ.com