Alex Wolff says filming Hereditary caused him psychological damage

Alex Wolff is now an indie horror star, having played major roles in Old (Nickelodeon's child actor) and Hereditary (independent horror star). This film is particularly hard to watch because it contains many disturbing scenes, including multiple decapitations. Old looks much more tame than Old. It's not surprising that the film was as intense to shoot as it was to watch. Wolff discusses his role in Hereditary as a major horror actor and the emotional toll it took.AdvertisementHe said that the movie did as much damage as any movie could do to him. The damage also included psychological effects and lack of sleep. Wolff worries that talking about the negative aspects that Hereditary has caused him to lose his film career is not in good taste. Wolff says that he doesn't want to make it seem like he isn't appreciative of his career by discussing the downsides of acting on horror films. It's hard as actors don't want to seem pretentious, self-serious, or serious. We have a very easy job, but emotionally this was one that was difficult. Wolff said.IndieWire also spoke to him about not wanting to share details about how he prepared for Old because that was often the focal point of interviews when he discussed Hereditary. Wolff said that the media focused almost entirely on the preparation, even though it was a disservice to the movie and the performance. It was because many people hadn't seen a movie in which people were so raw for at least years. They would get things out of me discussing the process. It can be self-indulgent or self-important in some ways.