10. "My daughter needed to have a tooth removed. In her drugged stupor at home, she panicked, worrying that the dentist would keep her tooth. It is necessary for the tooth fairy to give me money. I asked her to be calm, write a letter and explain the situation. "Dear tooth fairy Sugar bugs got me my tooth so that the dentist could keep it. Please send me money. In my ninja mom mode that night, I was able to grab the letter out of her sleepy hand and sneak in a $5. She was so happy. She was so happy the next night that she started giggling as she went to bed. She whispered to me, "I'm going trick the tooth fairy." I returned later to the room and found a note. "Dear Sugar bugs, I'm back!" "Please leave me money."I wrote a note to you, Dear Kid, that you cannot lie to me. It's not nice to lie, and you now have to pay me for my time. I took my money back.' She was hilarious. But WHY would she do that to her tooth fairy?Finally, she realized that she had indeed acted badly towards the tooth fairy. I wrote another note a week later saying, "Dear child, I believe you have learned well." Don't tell me you lie again. I saw your piggybank in your room', and I gave the $5 to it. Since then, her lying has dropped by 90%." u/honestaccount31