Ben Affleck Gifted Jennifer Lopez A Custom Necklace For Her 52nd Birthday To Represent Their

Jennifer Lopez recently gathered some of her closest and dearest friends to celebrate her 52nd Birthday.Since their reunification earlier this year, the couple, who were previously engaged, have been inseparable. After persistent rumors about their relationship, they posted a sweet picture on social media to confirm their love.Jennifer included one photo of Ben and her sharing a passionate kiss in a collection of photos to mark her birthday.It turned out that Ben felt sentimental about Jennifer's special day, and gifted her a necklace with a hidden meaning. She wore it in her Instagram photos.E! spoke with Beth Bugdaycay, Foundrae's creative director and cofounder. News that Ben personally designed the items for Jennifer prior to the trip.She explained that Ben made a custom piece for Jennifer to communicate their love. However, it also reminds them of their potential for growth and change. One of his medallions, for example, represents resilience. We describe it as wild, abundant and untamed.She said, "The blossoms are fed by passion and continue to flower, even in darkness, against all adversity." We can't take the flower and its thorn apart. The thorn is when we take on risk for something we love and live life fully, without any reserve.Beth continued, "We were blown over by his romantic gesture." "[Ben] looked at the meanings of each piece and then selected these. A lion was also considered, but I believe the one he chose is the best."