(Back) Up to 40% off Amazon with 1 Membership Rewards point [Targeted]

Update 7/27/21 - This deal is back with the same maximums (20% to $30 or 40% to $40). You can check to see if youre being targeted again. Amazon offers a discount if you pay with at minimum 1 American Express Membership Rewards Point (this could be the same promotion but a new round since I wasn't eligible previously, but it seems like I'm once more). Targeted at women, my wife saw 20% off up until $30 and me 40% up to $40. It's easy to get a discount by spending 1 point here. The Deal Amazon.com offers targeted discounts up to 40% / 40% off select customers who use at least one American Express Membership Rewards Point Select customers can receive discounts up to 50% when they use at least one American Express Membership Rewards Point. (Our affiliate) Key Terms This offer is only available for a short time. The promotion will expire at 11:59 PM PT on October 31, 2021 or when 16250 customers have used the offer. Concurrently, the promotion button will expire. Amazon.com reserves all rights to cancel or modify the offer at any moment. This offer is only available to those who have invited them. It is not transferable and cannot be used for cash. Only applies to purchases where Membership Rewards points have been used for at least part of the purchase. The promotion will be applied at checkout. This offer is only valid for products sold and shipped by Amazon.com. This offer does not apply to products sold by third-party sellers, Amazon.com, or any other Amazon entity. . This offer may provide you with maximum benefits of $40 per eligible membership rewards enrolled card for one account (note: this is targeted). This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Discounted promotional items may be subject to shipping charges Purchase of digital content is not eligible for this offer All promotional items included in your order will receive a proportional discount. Your refund will be equal to the original price of the product less the percentage of the discount if any items from your original order are returned. The maximum discount will be applied to the total amount of the original order that is not returned. Amazon's refund policy allows you to return any products that were part of your original order. You will first receive a refund on the amount charged to your card, then Membership Rewards points. Amazon Gift Cards cannot be used with promotional codes, even those that were placed in accounts. Only Amazon.com customers who have a valid Membership Rewards points card from the United States are eligible for this promotion. Promotional credit can be applied prior to taxes and fees These terms will be void if you break any of them. Quick Thoughts The offer is not generalized, so it may not be available to you. It's worth clicking through, as it offers easy savings. Remember that you can only use 1 Membership Rewards point ($0.01 worth) at checkout. Amazon points are generally of poor value so it is only worth one point to get the discount. Pro tip: If you have a Player 2, make sure they are aware that your points will not be used at checkout. My wife caught it before I hit check out. However, there are instances when Amazon carts can cause problems for our Membership Rewards balances. To ensure that my points are not lost to hackers, I prefer to unlink my rewards program after redeeming. This discount is only valid for items sold and shipped by Amazon. Last night, I purchased a Used Like New item through Amazon Warehouse Deals. They offer 10% off on most items when you add them to your cart until 4/14. After looking for a pay with points discount, I realized that Amazon Warehouse Deals items are shipped by Amazon but not sold by Amazon. They are sold through Amazon Warehouse Deals. Remember that discounts on third-party gift cards don't count. H/T: Doctor Of Credit