James Gunn updates fans on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

James Gunn, director of four superhero movies and one week before The Suicide Squad's release, called superhero movies boring. Now, he has settled on a title to his next movie. It's not boring, you can be sure. The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. is James Gunn's third Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. 3. It's very exciting.AdvertisementWe are just having fun with Gunn's very valid and recent comments on the state of superhero films. He stated: We all know the history of war films and cowboy films. Although I don't know the answer, I believe you don't have to be a genius in order to see that there is a cycle that leads to these films. The only way to save the comic book and superhero movies from being destroyed is to make them better. They are really stupid. They are mostly boring to me right now.Gunn accidentally proved his point by serving up the title for the next Guardians movie. It was not the dish we expected to receive. It's not bad, but it can be a bit boring. Gunn did reveal that he had written the script for Vol. 3. This was about three years ago.It has been basically finished for many years. I continue to fiddle with different things and add things, and figure out permutations. I am currently working on another draft. It is really minor stuff compared to the previous one. It's been completed since 2003.Gunn is one of the few directors to have been so creatively successful in the Marvel universe despite all our teasing. Gunn's early work retains the same energy as his earlier work. He turns up the physical comedy, and uses practical make-up effects. Gunn insists that Marvel does not force his films with Avengers story beats. He said:They never asked me to include anything for future MCU movies. It was the first movie with Thanos. They wanted me to. Theyve never done it before. It is important to pay attention to what happens, and they did speak to me about Gamora's story. Knowing that certain characters have gone through some things, I must deal with it. They never asked me to write anything in Volume 3 to help them in the future. It's not something I would do, and frankly it isn't my thing.He did manage to make an entertaining superhero movie with The Suicide Squad. But we will know for certain when the film hits theaters on August 6th and HBO Max in August 6.[via Collider]