LeVar Burton Jeopardy! clue will make Community fans very happy

We've been waiting eagerly for LeVar Burton as host of Jeopardy! The wait is almost over. Tonight is his five-episode hosting gig, and Community fans will be excited to learn that tonight's episode second clue gets very meta. Advertisement The category is TV workplaces and Burton reads the clue. Patrick, the contestant, immediately got it right, even though he wasn't the one who chose the category. He won $200. Great job, Patrick. It would have been a shame if no one got it right considering Burton was a regular role as a fictionalized version himself on the show. It's a missed chance to solve This Jeopardy! This sitcom featured Donald Glover as the pirate kidnapper. We must also point out how charming Burton's way of saying Correct, besides the meta clue. It just feels right. Burton stated previously to Entertainment Weekly that he believes there is no one better qualified for the job. That is something I will always believe. A petition was signed by over 200,000 people asking him to be considered for the gig. It was absurd that Dr. Oz got to do this before him. Even though we only got a glimpse, it is clear that he is perfect for the job. We would love to have him as a permanent host, if his time at he lectern is worth it. However, he does have competition from Aaron Rodgers who seemed very much into his time on the show. Catch Burton on Jeopardy! Through Friday, July 30, (Check your local listings to find channels and times.