Simone Biles and the U.S. gymnastics team can still win Olympic gold -- don't panic yet

All is clean. Scores have been reset. Simone Biles, her U.S. team mates, will try their best to forget Sunday's shaky performance at the qualification meet. All eyes forward. A new opportunity presents itself in Tuesday's final of the Tokyo Olympics women's gymnastics team. Also, it's not a time to panic. The competition was tight and the gymnasts performed well. This may have been due to the qualifier within the meet. Although finishing in the top 8 was the ultimate goal and a complete gimme, the women had to fight their fellow competitors for the chance to compete in individual medals. This added stress led to mistakes. "I think we did a good job. Biles stated that there were still some things to improve on so they will practice and focus on those areas so they can perform at team finals." "Because it's what counts." Olympic Gymnastics Schedule: Women's Team Finals: July 27, 2006, 6:45 a.m. ET Finals for men's all-around: July 28, 2006, 6:15 a.m. ET Finals for women's all-around: July 29, 2006, 6:50 a.m. ET Finals of the event: Aug. 3-4, at 4:00 a.m. ET each day. Watch live on NBC Sports app or It will also air during primetime every night on NBC. They did enough to place second behind the Russian Olympic Committee, and they were able to take one of eight team final spots. They finished more than a point below the ROC but if they correct their mistakes (steps out of bounds and form breaks on bars, falls, and wobbles onto beam) they will be able to recover that point. Biles is not to blame for this, but she has the ability to erase her point deficit by herself. She scored a 59.432 qualification score and a finals score of 58.999 at the 2019 world championships. She scored a 57.731 in Sunday's qualifiers. Biles is not the only one who excels at all-around gymnastics. Her teammates Sunisa Lee and Jordan Chiles are also top-notch competitors, and have achieved great success in competition. It is clear that China and the ROC are working together to win the United States. They looked better than they did at the worlds two years ago, when both countries finished fourth and second, respectively. The gold-medal favourite is the U.S. team, at its best or near-best. Biles is capable of performing better than she did in qualifiers, and will likely do so at Tuesday's team final. Photo by Xinhua/Imago/Icon Sportswire ROC has raised the stakes for a thrilling team final. There is a lot of excitement for Tuesday. These are just four of the stories you will want to follow. China's beam routines should not be missed The Chinese women are simply the best in this competition. Every team looks great until you see China. Incredible leaps. Incredible flexibility. Their acrobatic skills are amazing. Every moment, every toe should be pointed. Chinese women compete with the same unending enthusiasm as any team. It is impossible to choose a favorite gymnast among the team so you can just watch them all. The team at Team ROC excels on uneven bars Team ROC has more to offer than a chance of a historic victory over Team USA. This is because of its inconsistent bars performances. Four of the top six qualifiers scores went to ROC. Uneven bars are to the ROC like beam is to China. (Though both teams can excel in both events, it is fair to say. Viktoria Listunova (16) has the most captivating combination. It is right at the start of her routine. An inside stalder to Shaposhnikova's release into a Ricna. Translation: See the first two moves in her routine to see how "inside" makes it so much cooler. Listunova would be too young to compete in the Olympics if they were held in 2020. Due to the two-per country rule, Listunova will not be able to compete in the all-around final (she placed sixth), but her captivating routine earned her a place in the floor final. This brings us to... Jennifer Gadirova (16 years old) and Jessica Gadirova (16 years old) will compete in the all around final. Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images. Two of the most hilarious floor routines you will see in Tokyo are created by the Gadirova sisters from Great Britain. Jessica and Jennifer Gadirova (16 years old) have their own styles and are equally entertaining to watch. Their combination of expressive choreography and impressive tumbling is a rare combination. Jessica beat her sister in qualifications and qualified for the floor final. Great Britain was sixth in qualifying. It is unlikely that they will win a medal. However, the Gadirovas team leaders, despite their age and the highlight of the competition, will be the Gadirovas. Jennifer showed mental toughness that few can match on Sunday. In the days leading up to the competition, Jennifer struggled with vault in touch warmups. She stopped on the runway twice and didn't complete a vault. She managed to complete a Yurchenko double full when it was time for her competition. She was able to vault a successful vault that secured her place in the all-around final with her sister. Another floor set just for fun Italian Vanessa Ferrari was named 2006 (!) The 2006 world all-around champion is also the top qualifier for floor finals. Biles was beaten by her, but she made mistakes and is still the favorite to win gold. Italy will not challenge Ferrari for the podium but Ferrari's tumbling skills, particularly her whip to immediate full in second pass, are a must-see. These skills are impressive for a woman of her age, who is only 30 years old.